Welcome to Alonso's Auto Repair Fleet Service Program!

With today’s high cost of fleet vehicle maintenance and associated downtime, it’s more important than ever to have an auto service company that will give your vehicles the immediate attention and fast service they require. That’s exactly what you can expect from Alonso's Auto repair. With a complete list of full service, Alonso's can fix nearly every problem on nearly every make and model of vehicle, foreign and domestic.

Our commitment to every customer is to provide quality parts, fast service, competitive pricing, and to conduct business with the highest ethical standards in the industry. To help ensure our standards are not compromised, there is never an attempt to sell what is not needed. In addition, our service advisors and technicians are highly trained to be sure the work is done right, the first time. What you get is straight talk and honest service from experienced professionals who are concerned about your needs and the safety of your vehicle and your employees.

At Alonso's, we offer fleet services to both small and large companies. Whether you own a local landscaping company with a relatively small vehicle fleet or a large company, Alonso's is the place for you!

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